I have Word and Excel documents that I want to expire after a certain date unless an unlock code is entered.

I know nothing about VBA really..well I wrote a script once that extracted information from a worksheet and pivot table, then extracted and combined data to make a third worksheet, reorganized the order of the rows, then deleted some columns and printed a report of the net remaining rows and columns. I learned how to to that online having no VBA experience but it took a month or more to get it to work..trial and error...mostly error. Frustrating as hell since I did not know even the basics.

So the Word document and the Excel Workbook are preview documents for some of the work I do. I want to keep recipients from copying and distributing them and I thought about putting a date bomb in there allowing a 30 day preview. The document would fail to open beginning on the 31st day unless an unlock code is entered. How can I do that?

Maybe open each document to a login page? Give them their 'initial password' within the email I send which works for 30 days from the date they first login unless I send them a Unlock password then the document opens for as long as necessary.

I don't know how to prevent copying the Word document and Excel workbook and sending them to someone else or preventing the Document from opening on another computer. That would be nice as well. Basically I don't want my information shared.

Thanks to anyone who can help.