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Thread: G'Day All

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    G'Day All

    I have just registered as a new member. I am Australian living on the Gold Coast in Queensland and loving it. I have been coding in access vba for over 8 years now and love the language. Like all things in IT you learn something or rediscover something every day.
    I suppose you would call me a veteran of the IT industry - I cut my teeth on COBOL and Assembly Code back in 1968 and have been in the IT profession ever since.
    Anyway I look forward to conversing with some of you in the near future.


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    Apr 2005
    Blimey mate, 1968? That is longer than myself, and I thought I was a fossil. I would love to welcome you to VBAExpress, but you b#*t#rd* beat us yesterday, so I can't. Don't you realise that this is our world cup, and just because you are better than us that doesn't give you the right to beat us . If you didn't have Mitchell Starc, Pat Cummins, Aaron Finch, and Glenn Maxwell we would have beaten you .

    Other than that, VBA might be an old fossil like us, but it is still so powerful, so enjoy the best VBA forum on the web.
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    wow....that is amazing

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    Quote Originally Posted by xld View Post
    I would love to welcome you to VBAExpress, but you b#*t#rd* beat us yesterday, so I can't.
    .......... I can feel your pain from here. Lets See Convicts 1, England 0, sounds good to me
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