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Thread: Handling Active Directory Searches and Special Characters?

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    Handling Active Directory Searches and Special Characters?

    I have a function I'm using to perform LDAP queries from Access. It works fine, but is running into a problem with a particular AD group's "description" attribute. Specifically, when I include "description" in my code, I get a "Type Mismatch" error. I tested everything and verified that the code itself is running fine. The guy that built the function told me there is probably a special character issue that Access is running into with that attribute.

    Can someone provide some insight in adjusting/accommodating for this type of issue so that I can include the AD group's "description" attribute?

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    Mar 2005
    There is not enough information to advise you.
    Without seeing what the code currently does and what data causes the error message it is not really possible to help.

    A type mismatch usually means that the code is execting a numeric or date value and is getting text characters instead.
    Can't the code's originator fix it?

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