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Thread: FIFO, LIFO, Inventory system

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    FIFO, LIFO, Inventory system

    hello everyone

    this is my 1st post here
    i want to create inventory which i want to use fifo & lifo system,
    i have 6 table likes open stock, purchase, sales, purchase return, sales return, dead stock, now i want to implement fifo & lifo method inventory with valuation of closing stock or current stock

    experts please guide me how to implement this

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    VBAX Guru
    Mar 2005
    I am not sure why you would want ot use opposing systems at the same time but I think that basically all that is required is an "Entered Stock Date" field which can be used in 2 queries, one to sort in ascending order and one to sort in descending order.

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    thank you for your good idea i do the same

    i found one excel file which have fifo system and i used that code for my project
    most of my needs will end after i full use that code & implement as per my needs

    once again thanks for replay

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