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Thread: Loop thru selected paragraphs

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    Loop thru selected paragraphs

    I want to format the current selection of paragraphs. I can format a specific paragraph:

    Application.ActiveWindow.Selection.ShapeRange.TextFrame2.TextRange.Paragraphs(1).ParagraphFormat.IndentLevel = 6
    and i can format all paragraphs in the textframe

    Application.ActiveWindow.Selection.ShapeRange.TextFrame2.TextRange.Paragraphs.ParagraphFormat.IndentLevel = 6
    but not just those selected.

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    Doesn't this work?

    ActiveWindow.Selection.TextRange2.ParagraphFormat.IndentLevel = 6
    If you have non contiguous paragraphs selected then I don't know of any way to test for selection in a loop

    Maybe you could call e.g. BOLD from CommandBars.ExecuteMso("Bold") and then loop looking for bold text (or whatever)
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    Yes, it does, thanks! I knew i had to use TextFrame2 or TextRange2 to get above indent level 5 but found the syntax confounding.

    Thanks again.


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