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Thread: GUID to specify table Medium Style 2 Accent 6

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    GUID to specify table Medium Style 2 Accent 6

    I am generating PowerPoint multiple slides using VBA, and each slide features an identical table. However, I want to alternate visual appearance on every other slide to help distinguish “odd” and “even” slides for the presenter.
    My searches into standards for styles within tables under DrawingML have discovered some pertinent information.
    The following GUID when applied as </tblStyle> produces “Medium Style 2 – Accent 1”

    Similarly, this GUID when applied as </tblStyle> produces “Medium Style 2 – Accent 3”

    I am trying to determine the GUID required to produce “Medium Style 2 – Accent 6”

    My goal is to add this ID to a VBA line:
    Selection.ShapeRange.Table.ApplyStyle (“{+ + + + + insert GUID + + + + +}”), True

    Can anyone enlighten me? Many thanks in advance.

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    I believe it would be


    To get the ID for a selected table

    Debug.Print ActiveWindow.Selection.ShapeRange(1).Table.Style.Id
    Debug.Print ActiveWindow.Selection.ShapeRange(1).Table.Style.Name
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    John: Well it turns out you believe correctly!

    It worked out perfectly and achieved just what I wanted. Thanks for your benevolent input! Indeed you were a most valuable person for my tiny project.

    Many thanks again,


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