Hello everyone. I'm not a professional programmer but I have a bit of working experience with VBA. I'm working on approximately 30 PPT files totaling some 10,000 slides. I need to create several derivate PPTs based on the contents of the master PPTs.

I'm thinking that I could create VBA code that creates a derivate, separate PPT based on codes that I manually enter into the notes section of a slide. For example, on the 1st line of each slide notes section, I could have something like CODE=SIVH, where each letter after SIVH makes the slide applicable to different purposes. Then if I want to create a derivate PPT that includes all slides having a code of S, it would do so provided S is somewhere in that string (after 'Code=').

[not sure if I am using the right term, but the 'notes' section to me is that small free text area beneath each slide in PPT]

So, how do I read in the 1st line of the notes section of each slide? I'll iterate through each slide. Also, the notes section of each slide will have rich text and hyperlinks after the first line. Assume Line 1 starts with CODE= and terminates with a carriage return (however PPT stores that). I think if I can read just that first line into a string, I can use string functions after that to test for a specific Character.

Thank you
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