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Thread: Strange Error When passing Treeview to sub

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    Strange Error When passing Treeview to sub

    I'm having an issue that I don't understand (obviously). I am passing a Microsoft Common Controls library object to a subroutine. I have done this before without issue. However, I am now getting an error that "Object does not support this property or method." I'm not trying to access any properties or methods. I'm passing the entire object as I always have.

    Here are the details:


    Dim tv As MSComctlLib.treeView
    Set tv = Me.tvObjectProperties.Object

    The offending line:


    And the declaration for the sub:

    RightClickNode(tv as MSComctlLib.treeView)

    What am I missing here?


    Never mind. I found it. Someone had copy the code from another module and placed it in the form module. You can't pass form objects as arguments with the same form.
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    Perhaps mark it as Solved then?

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