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Thread: Rotate / resize inserted image based on image size

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    Rotate / resize inserted image based on image size

    I am auto-inserting images into my document. Some of them are portrait and some of them are landscape. The images that are landscape (length > height) I need to rotate them 90 degrees, make them the original size and align them vertically / horizontally on the page. Any suggestions on how to go through all the slides and if an image is landscape to auto rotate / do above mentioned?


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    Feb 2021
    As I know, rotating a photo is very simple, and it does not require any additional apps or sites. I have a button on the right corner of the photo, and when I need to rotate it, I just click on that button. I have no clue why you have such an issue. Unlike you, I was confronted with another problem. Sometimes, I needed to improve the image quality or contrast, but I had no clue how to achieve that. Thankfully, I stumbled on an image enhancer, and now, when I need to improve an image, all I have to do is just drop the photo on that site and do all the necessary changes.

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