Since John has better solutions above my level of PPT knowledge, I'll ask before I jump and create something :-)

Use case: I'm using PPT to create SCORM instructional modules. I have the questions and answers in a separate spreadsheet, cross-referenced for human use by mentioning the Slide ID. Using John's previous suggestion, I'm now using tags to define applicability of slides to a specific audience. I have it creating derivate PPTs based on the type of audience I select (which compares it against tags per slide defining whom (what audience) that slide applies to). This does nothing for the quiz questions though.

Is there a way to embed questions and answers into PPT so that I can create audience specific XLS files in the same way a derivative PPT is created? e.g. In the GUI I made, if I select Audience Type = Group A, then it creates a PPT based on any slide tagged as Group A and likewise creates a question/answer XLS by scanning for questions/answers tagged as Group A.

This illustration explains it better....