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Thread: Independent rows of text continuing to the next page

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    Question Independent rows of text continuing to the next page


    I am looking for a way to fix 3/4 rows of text that will flow from one page to the next.

    I've attached an example of what it should look like. The first row has the main text. The second has a commentary on it. The third and fourth rows are translations of the first two. The horizontal lines should be fixed in position so that when a specific row is completely filled in, it should continue to the next page in that same specific row.

    I would really appreciate a solution or working template.

    Thank you so much!
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    Thanks for the prompt response. I don't think this will work especially for a collaborative effort. To do an entire book in this way with different authors is going to be a nightmare. It's almost like having 4 documents running in parallel on one page.

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