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Thread: VBA Code/Macro for Extracting data from Sheet 1 to Sheet 2

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    Lightbulb VBA Code/Macro for Extracting data from Sheet 1 to Sheet 2

    Hi All Experts and Masters !!
    Good Day.

    I am very new to this forum. apologies if posted in incorrect forum.
    I am looking for some help - I want to write a macro code -- Version of Excel: Office Professional Plus 2013What you want it to do -- Write a macro - Extract/Scrape data from multiple 1000+ rows of Excel(xlsx) sheet 1 into specific distributed column in excel sheet 2 (xlsx)

    Sample in screenshot may give more idea (Click download if very small) .

    111Excel REq.jpg

    I tried to refer some threads but I was not 100% success. Please help. !!
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    Sorry to take so long, this was in a rarely viewed forum. I have moved it to the Excel help forum so it will get more views.

    Please copy Sheet 1 to a new book (xls), truncate it to a few dozen rows and upload it here.
    Do not edit it in any other way
    I expect the student to do their homework and find all the errrors I leeve in.

    Please take the time to read the Forum FAQ

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