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Thread: Copy from one word document to another word document

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    Copy from one word document to another word document

    Hi Team,

    I need a help with one of my projects for automation on creating a word document, for example; We receive a word document filled by the requestor, i need to copy that data and paste it in a word template which is a standard format with all the spacing bullet points as per the standard word template we have, could you please help me with macro code or any automation technique how it is possible, please note there could be lot of requests received from the requestor.

    It would be a great help if you could help me out with it.


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    Thank you for the reference, i agree to the policy, sorry for that, if i could a solution it would be helpful, i can remove the post from one forum

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    If the originals are forms with form fields of content controls, you could extract the required data with and then use mail merge into your template.
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