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Thread: Count Dates in a List of dates for every employee for every month

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    Count Dates in a List of dates for every employee for every month

    Hi Experts,
    I need a formula to arrive at number days that an employee has worked in a given month. There may be three or four customer visits he would have done on a single day, but the count for days has to be taken as 1 only like his attendance. Ex: if there are 3 entries of 02/01/2021 for Engineer A then the count of date should be 1 only for that month.
    03-06-2021 13-29-33.jpg

    The engineer column and arrive date columnsNSP DUMP-Y1 2020.xlsx are highlighted in the attached file, please support with a formula to arrive each engineer worked days in that month.

    Thanks in Advance


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    Pivot table

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    Hi Mana,
    Pivot table is not the solution, i have figured it out myself. =SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(IF(Engineer=A4,Worked_Days),Worked_Days),1)) has given me result.


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    Thank you for sharing the solution. I'm sure it will help many people.
    I expect the student to do their homework and find all the errrors I leeve in.

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