Check out the new features in our knowledgebase!!!!

Once again, smozgur has outdone himself!!

Thanks, smozgur!

We now have these NEW features:
  • Recent Entries: Shows the 10 most recent entries created within the last 30 days.
  • Most Helpful Entries: Shows the top 10 most helpful entries as "voted" by viewers clicking on the "Mark this post as helpful." link.
  • My Favorite Entries: Shows the 10 most recent entries you've marked as being helpful.
  • My Bookmarks: Entries that YOU bookmark.
We also have RATINGS, as follows:
  • At least one and up to 10 "marked helpful" gets one star
  • Between 11 and 20 gets two
  • Between 21 and 30 gets three
and so on, up to 5 stars!

The overall interface is nicer, and easier to use. Back-button navigation doesn't give page expiries anymore! And we can hit ENTER after typing in our search keywords.

Check it out now!