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This code illustrates how to display a startup form when a database launches. It is dismissed after a preset amount of time passes. 


Many end users get anxious while a large file loads. One way to compensate for this is to display a splash screen to occupy the user's time. No worrying about the end user clicking three or four versions of the application or using the three finger salute because "it just froze". A simple little graphic for the user to watch reassures them that the computer is actually doing something. 


instructions for use


Option Compare Database Option Explicit 'Code provided by Graham Thorpe of IT Learning Centre 'File "yoinked" from 'Layout modifications have been made. 'Private Sub Form_Close() ' 'Open main form to view ' DoCmd.OpenForm "Your_Form_Name_Here" 'End Sub Private Sub Form_Timer() 'On timer event close form DoCmd.Close acForm, "frmStartUp" End Sub

How to use:

  1. The example attached launches a splash screen and dismisses it after a brief time.
  2. In practical use, another form or a table would be displayed after the initial screen is removed.
  3. Assuming that a second form has been created, proceed as follows.
  4. The code above has the appropriate code commented out to achieve the display of a second form.
  5. Remove the appostrophe at the far left of teh lines Private Sub Form_Close() through End Sub.
  6. Replace the words Your_Form_Name_Here with the actual name of the form you wish to display.
  7. Save the database.
  8. Double click on the StartUp Form.

Test the code:

  1. Launch the database in the example file.
  2. Watch the form display.
  3. Watch the form disappear.
  4. Click Forms on the menu at the left of the screen.
  5. Highlight StartUp
  6. Click on the Design Mode icon (looks like a triangle and a ruler).
  7. Right click the image.
  8. Select Properties.
  9. Change the path to the image.
  10. Change the path for the hyperlink.
  11. Save the form.
  12. Launch the startup form by double clickinkg it.
  13. Watch your new image display.
  14. Watch your new image disappear.
  15. Repeat as needed to satisfy your curiosity.

Sample File:

VBAX Start Up 19.86KB 

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