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Dennis Taylor, one of the top trainers at VBAExpress, Inc.
Dennis Taylor - Senior Microsoft Excel Trainer - The Master

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VBA Express, Inc. is one of the top 5 free Microsoft help forums, covering the full suite of Microsoft Office applications (Windows/Mac), from Excel, and Access, to Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint. Then the heavier applications such as Microsoft Excel Power BI, SQL Server, and Azure.

But what if you need more than the free help, what do you do? Simple, you hire us.

VBA Express has been offering professional training services since 2004. While these services were originally one-on-one, on a remote basis, we are pleased to announce that in 2013 we began to expand those services to offer premier onsite training services, not just in the USA, but also in Canada and the UK. How did we do that so quickly? Simple, we brought in someone who already built a firm that does that, and we are able to use much of the same talent. At the same time we reached out to world renowned experts such as Dennis Taylor .

Our international network allows us to train anywhere in the USA, Canada, and UK.


About Dennis Taylor:
  • Over 25 years of teaching experience throughout the US and Canada
  • Author/Presenter of over 350 webinars on various Excel topics
  • Live Excel workshops
  • Author/Presenter of numerous Excel courses (video, CD, DVD) starting in the mid-1990’s
  • Author/Presenter of online Excel courses for (Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016), available at
  • Author of Teach Yourself Microsoft Excel 2000; co-author of five other books on spreadsheet software