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  1. How to return to the previously viewed worksheet?
  2. [SOLVED:] using Multipage within a Multipage form
  3. Sleeper: With Application.FileSearch not working in 2010 macro
  4. [SOLVED:] Format in date
  5. [SOLVED:] For Each Loop - Strange Behaviour (logic breakdown)
  6. If cell is blank, delete the row?
  7. [SOLVED:] How do I create a new column next to a specific column using VBA?
  8. Class approach for new controls questions
  9. [SOLVED:] change colour of lbl when hovvered
  10. Does
  11. Reference to header instead of hardcoding column letter?
  12. [SOLVED:] Auto creation of sheets based on Data sheet with a sample output shown next to it
  13. [SOLVED:] Separate Time HMS
  14. [SOLVED:] VBA - Paste Entire Row that meets criteria into Sheet2 without overwriting
  15. [SOLVED:] Searching a file for information
  16. [SOLVED:] Ensure selected cell is filled before proceed to VBA language
  17. [SOLVED:] Sort Automatic Sheet based other sheet
  18. [SOLVED:] Shorten the If statement and Capturing New Row Number
  19. VBA code to pick id and password for oracle from excel
  20. [SOLVED:] Find Multiple values and return value from another column
  21. [SOLVED:] combine values from multiple columns into a single cell in column
  22. Populate Combobox with Worksheet Names EXCLUDE hidden
  23. Need assistance with merging rows, please.
  24. Copy & Pasting Formula to Cells in Another Sheet
  25. [SOLVED:] Help on "Grouping" the remark in formula VBA
  26. Help to reduce the VBA code length
  27. Excel - E-mail via Lotus Notes
  28. Different Language Has Different Character Widths
  29. Convert Text Dates To DateSerial And Sort
  30. Finding out missing records from insert statement
  31. [SOLVED:] pdf print from multiple sheet
  32. recherche VBA
  33. [SOLVED:] Copy Data from a Workbook with multiple Worksheets to another Workbook
  34. Find Function and Merged Cells
  35. [SOLVED:] Run-time error 438: Object doesn't support this property or method
  36. Simple Data List Help
  37. [SOLVED:] Search repated word in excel using VBA
  38. pdf print from multiple sheet (issue)
  39. Help Consolidating Data Please
  40. How to pull airport flight time from web to excel?
  41. cannot find MenuSheet in Excel Add-in
  42. 2007 date formatting
  43. [SOLVED:] Placing an arrow and change its position
  44. [SOLVED:] Selected Listbox item select in sheet cell
  45. [SOLVED:] UF Image Event
  46. [SOLVED:] worksheet hiding depending on content of worksheet cell
  47. Combine Multiple Workbooks onto Master Workbook - Separate Worksheets
  48. Macro to loop in through Word files(.doc), find and delete a section, save and close.
  49. Insert Record from Excel to MySql using VBA
  50. VBA to compare string and replace a sub string with other value
  51. [SOLVED:] Changing the properties of an embedded chart without select or activate
  52. 5 Years Annual Turnover calculated from a start date
  53. The Replace method - A newbie needs help!
  54. [SOLVED:] Adapt sub to execute from primary workbook
  55. Protect VBA Project one workbook through Another Workbook in VBA
  56. Save Workbook Macro Issue
  57. [SOLVED:] UF To Spreadsheet Help
  58. Simple Database Build
  59. Odd behaviour of a worksheet.
  60. Selecting range relative to found values - Multiple Instances
  61. [SOLVED:] Deactivate Add-in and save .xlsm as Add-in then activate the ADD-IN again
  62. Very weird problem - Excel 2007 Worksheet manipulation
  63. Import from Web - Code Interruption
  64. VBA loop and printing help
  65. [SOLVED:] Copy two ranges in one row to the one below, same format if possible... Little help?!
  66. [SOLVED:] Timing of UserForm Display
  67. ple.help .how to get multipule values from single lookupup value using vlookup in xl
  68. Import Data from Webpage
  69. [SOLVED:] UF Lookup Image Help
  70. Change cell value within a row depending on other cell values within same row
  71. Need help pulling info from a list
  72. [SOLVED:] How to re-display Excel after opening and closing a Word document
  73. Tracking changes of a cell value with a line chart
  74. [SOLVED:] Text code
  75. [SOLVED:] Circular Reference Error
  76. Add multiple series to graph using VBA
  77. Importing data from script-based web pages
  78. [SOLVED:] Loop for worbook and worksheet changes
  79. How can I copy and paste an entire sheet with pivot table and formats?
  80. Need formula converting RGB to vba backcolor
  81. [SOLVED:] Select only Unlocked cell
  82. [SOLVED:] Determine # of workdays
  83. VBA project help
  84. Copy website content in to excel
  85. [SOLVED:] I get a boolean value instead of formula with my code =/
  86. Drop down list plus text box
  87. Worksheet Function In VBA
  88. help! i need a good soultion to a project i just got in school
  89. Add on additional range in Loop
  90. How to make a list of Files and folders of a directory in excel
  91. RowNext starting from a certain Row
  92. [SOLVED:] quick help on using a variable to define a range
  93. Getting a compile Error, Please help!
  94. Extract Hyperlinks from Word into Excel
  95. [SOLVED:] Importing CVS files in to a worksheet
  96. [SOLVED:] docking code pane
  97. Auto Copy a website table into excel
  98. Array Param Problem with AutoFilter
  99. [SOLVED:] Non-VBA question : Using OR criteria in an IF statement
  100. [SOLVED:] Repeat 12 time the data on column A to column B
  101. [SOLVED:] Combobox decides the picture to show
  102. [SOLVED:] Copy Worksheet with Embedded Chart Object to New Workbook - values and formats only
  103. Need code to run across an Array of sheets
  104. Specify Columns for HTML export
  105. activate an already open workbook or open if not open
  106. [SOLVED:] Quality check of data in InputBox
  107. [SOLVED:] Create a List of Pivot Table Report Filter Selections on Worksheet
  108. Compare 2 columns and remove matching duplicates in both columns when found
  109. Dowload outlook email attachment to my pc folder
  110. [SOLVED:] How to use user defined function (bucket)
  111. Using Macros to change data in a spreadsheet.
  112. Absolutely no help the way this system works
  113. Find Missing VBA Project References Code
  114. Referencing multiple userforms
  115. [SOLVED:] Variable reference cell value
  116. Cube Values Timing Out When Batch Printing PDFs
  117. Dynamic Dependent ActiveX Dropdown from Column Data
  118. [SOLVED:] To enter one space after single digit
  119. Excel 2013 erro 13 message
  120. [SOLVED:] Macro deletes text only in No Fill cells
  121. How to grab data from the site?
  122. Guidance on VBA Rota/Scheduler procedure/algorithm
  123. Macros with buttons, spin buttons, scroll buttons, etc.
  124. Randomize/shuffle a list of names
  125. Import Word document file name into Excel
  127. Hyperlinking
  128. [SOLVED:] Subtotal multiple blocks of data
  129. [SOLVED:] Show a message only once, using Application.OnTime
  130. Excel 2013: First Sheet and Last Sheet
  131. Choose Sheet AddIn
  132. On change event issues
  133. .xml to excel conversion using vba
  134. Changing font on certain letters
  135. Using Excel to Connect to Oracle
  136. [SOLVED:] Naming A Shape and Connector Line After Its Creation"runtime" Excel VBA
  137. Force Macros Enabled And Close When Idle
  138. Importing Data From Web Page
  139. [SOLVED:] Issue recording Pivot tables
  140. lookup word then apply formula
  141. [SOLVED:] Looping through shapes by Name VBA Excel
  142. Copying data from another Workbook row wise
  143. [SOLVED:] Inserting a new Column
  144. [SOLVED:] Separating Names From this dynamic list and summing them into Preset Cells VBA Excel
  145. dynamic range lookup
  146. [SOLVED:] Using excel to connect to ERP SOAP webservice
  147. Userform in VBA and DATEDIFF function
  148. Slow
  149. Advanced Formula
  150. if Dependent is not on the same sheet, then the cell will be given red colour
  151. [SOLVED:] Find VBA Multiple criterias
  152. Sorting GPS marks
  153. [SOLVED:] InStr exact match
  154. Macro for drop down menu based message box
  155. Macro for drop down menu based message box
  156. [SOLVED:] Applying icon to commad BAR not button (user defined add in)
  157. [SOLVED:] Macro exits sub after calling macro from another workbook (Application.Run)
  158. [SOLVED:] Saving Files As Read-Only
  159. [SOLVED:] Multiselect Listbox Help
  160. compare columns of two workbooks and add to master workbook
  161. Randomly Select 4 Column Ranges and Copy and Paste to Another Worksheet
  162. [SOLVED:] How make defined range move upon sort?
  163. [SOLVED:] Count textbox values greater than 0
  164. Replacing text with a image
  165. [SOLVED:] Have I got the wrong documentation?
  166. [SOLVED:] Using VBA With OOo
  167. Automate calculation using First in First Out way
  168. Excel - Use Dropdown menu populate a column
  169. [SOLVED:] StopWatch or Timer Class Module
  170. [SOLVED:] Inaccurate results from formula
  171. [SOLVED:] need help with counting sheets with specific names plus adding sheets after them
  172. Resize userform VBA
  173. Get list<T> from c# dll and access to its items
  175. I Need Vba Code Copy Of Cell And Paste To Other Cell
  176. [SOLVED:] Delete duplicates (based on the same line multiple columns)
  177. VBA LOOP Macro
  178. Comunicate between 2 userforms
  179. Sleeper: Tricky For Loop Code
  180. [SOLVED:] add header/footer to new word document from excel
  181. [SOLVED:] Comparing lists of values, & adding unique values to the 1st blank cells of a range
  182. Need Help on : Application.Filesearch
  183. Open an email Lotus notes and copy the content to excel
  184. Monitor Folder code goes into a loop
  185. [SOLVED:] Similarly named textboxes - loop
  186. [SOLVED:] Merging Duplicate in Column A
  187. Need help creating a loop macro that spits out a master data file
  188. [SOLVED:] Where To Put Code
  189. [SOLVED:] Change Row Color based on Cell String Match
  190. [SOLVED:] VBA IF functions (Help)
  191. [SOLVED:] Intersect - very basic problem
  192. VBA chess game, userform
  193. How to create a formula for a drop down list??
  194. [SOLVED:] Copy to the latest blank row
  195. [SOLVED:] Special Characters
  196. [SOLVED:] Weird Cell formatting
  197. [SOLVED:] Problem with move more thab 65536
  198. [SOLVED:] VBA code works in office 2007 not in office 2010(embeds an attachment in excel)
  199. [SOLVED:] CDATA with values from the active worksheet
  200. Unique Rank Question
  201. VBA userform - decimal separator
  202. Help with "Array fuctioons"
  203. Free Standing Alternatives to Excel Database
  204. Import External Data
  205. macro to lookup record on current row and mark completion date to corresponding recor
  206. Why a variable of type Range does not accept Nothing when cutting range of cells?
  207. Excel VBA with Pivot Table
  208. [SOLVED:] Macro works in Excel 2003 but not in Excel 2007/2010
  209. Paste data from word table into excel sheet while skipping hidden columns
  210. [SOLVED:] Lookup value in table with two criteria in rows
  211. [SOLVED:] hrefs from an ordered list <ol> on a webpage in Internet Explorer
  212. Compare 2 sheet and paste the resault on sheet3
  213. Web Query refresh issue
  214. Best Tutorials / Courses / Reading to Master Excel
  215. VBA Code to change Color in range of Cells.
  216. [SOLVED:] Use Contents of ComboBox in Vlookup and Save to Data Table
  217. If no error, write the word "ok" to a cell?
  218. [SOLVED:] Strange behaviour ListBox.Selected(index).
  219. HELP - Copy Variable Sheet Range from multiple sheets to Summary Sheet
  220. extract data from txt file
  221. How to use vlookup and countif together in one formula?
  222. [SOLVED:] List all Open Window titles in column A
  223. [SOLVED:] Moving automatically generated page breaks
  224. Automatically generating custom timeline on separate tab (Excel 2010)
  225. Unlocking all Excel (2007) cells by default
  226. [SOLVED:] Problem Word Wrapping VBE Code
  227. New to VBA. Getting a Compile Error. Please help.
  228. Requesting a macro for printing an Excel sheet automatically as PDF on daily basis.
  229. VBA Conditional formatting if one cell equals another cell in value
  230. [SOLVED:] Get an automatic sequence in a formula
  231. Input Box is popping too much.
  232. [SOLVED:] Find Method w/ VALUE error
  233. Who has ever met this?
  234. [SOLVED:] help needed to adjust a macro
  235. Function isn't working on button click
  236. Find a unique value with a condition across 2 lists, add it to the less complete list
  237. [SOLVED:] Conditional Compilation Quick Question (Well, at least hopefully)
  238. Ribbon Change which works as an ADD-IN
  239. Excel CalCulation Issue
  240. [SOLVED:] Referencing a Userform in a module
  241. [SOLVED:] Create a Loop - Help!
  242. [SOLVED:] Linking/merging two worksheet_change functions
  243. Sleeper: Look up & return
  244. [SOLVED:] Convert Cell Value in a range of cells
  245. [SOLVED:] When does a Workbook become a member of the WorkBooks Collection?
  246. [SOLVED:] clean a row if it doesn't start with a number except _
  247. [SOLVED:] if find the matched data in another work workbook copy the complete row
  248. [SOLVED:] When running a macro, Excel suddenly stops responding
  249. compare 2 sheet and all column if find duplicate will delete on sheet 2
  250. [SOLVED:] Cannot get xlSaveDialogAs or GetSaveAsFilename to work as required