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  1. VBA - define variables for shape names & use in a loop function
  2. VBA : Input form : Copy column and paste special value in another column
  3. Split two different columns with two different addresses
  4. [SOLVED:] I need VBA to delete lines related to date
  6. Need a button to do all the work
  7. Error when trying to access .ChartData.Workbook for Map Charts (ChartType=xlRegionMap
  8. [SOLVED:] Reoccurring Corrupt files
  9. Need Help Converting a JSON file to new format
  10. vba borders and conditional formatting
  11. [SOLVED:] VBA - how to change Text Box to date format
  12. [SOLVED:] Pick multiple file extensions in msoFileDialogFolderPicker
  13. Beginner help with VBA
  14. [SOLVED:] Combine 2 ranges, compare and take the unique values
  15. [SOLVED:] Application level click event for shape
  16. [SOLVED:] VBA Excel - For... next instruction
  17. [SOLVED:] "This Workbook" script ignored on opening
  18. [SOLVED:] Which is Faster?
  19. Fixed width import - remove trailing empty columns
  20. Macro to Copy Values and fill colors.
  21. [SOLVED:] How to add/copy Dynamic Named Ranges to Workbook
  22. Sleeper: Mark the content with the same values in once cell in red
  23. Data pull failing in VBA code using User Form
  24. Importing Report with Formatting issues
  25. [SOLVED:] VBA Autofilter Method for Inventory List
  26. [SOLVED:] Need a VBA Ignore "Not in List" Validation Error
  27. Get Selected Object Name
  28. [SOLVED:] Help with RefreshAll
  29. [SOLVED:] Create a Sorted List of unsorted cells based on color of next cell into a new sheet.
  30. [SOLVED:] Add logic to control brightness of shape/button objects?
  31. Help Nesting a Formula
  32. [SOLVED:] Tricky Dynamic filtering problem when using VSTACK
  33. [SOLVED:] VBA for all Sheets (Windows login username to cell)
  34. [SOLVED:] Copy Used Range Other Workbooks Other Dir n Paste Master WB Sheet1
  35. Date Formula with IF and ISBLANK
  36. Sleeper: Help with VBA code and XLOOKUP
  37. [SOLVED:] VBA Code to copy 4 cells from one worksheet to another Worksheet
  38. [SOLVED:] Combining VBA Code--Some Help
  39. [SOLVED:] VBA Code to Copy Info
  40. [SOLVED:] Confusion about XLOOKUP
  41. Sleeper: Old Windows user in first cell and New Windows user in second cell (VBA)
  42. [SOLVED:] VBA Code Need it to Copy Formulas
  43. [SOLVED:] Conditional formatting and wildcards (to apply CF to a string of text)
  44. Sleeper: Looping through pivot (and copying data to another sheet)
  45. Sleeper Form to populated Selected Cell with Code depending on Radio Option and value
  46. Sleeper: CheckBoxes
  47. [SOLVED:] stamp duty tax
  48. [SOLVED:] Big Crash
  49. [SOLVED:] ADODB Get actual displayed values
  50. [SOLVED:] Help With Save All Sheets Except First VBA Code
  51. Sleeper: Edit VBA code to let it automaticlly create Folder
  52. [SOLVED:] Removing a Users access to a Shared Workbook
  53. [SOLVED:] Close VBA form
  54. [SOLVED:] Removing redundant code
  55. [SOLVED:] Filter formula include argument
  56. [SOLVED:] Make VSTACK(FilterFunctionA,FilterFunctionB) show parent
  57. Excel Macro
  58. delete blank rows in excel using VBA
  59. [SOLVED:] List all formulas in a worksheet on a separate worksheet
  60. VBA - protect sheet and allow grouping/ungrouping (outline)
  61. Speed up Looping through subfolders
  62. [SOLVED:] Help with code to copy cell value before change event
  63. [SOLVED:] Using named cell range in a formula
  64. [SOLVED:] Lock and unlock conditional on specific cells
  65. Create Chart by VBA
  66. [SOLVED:] Macro, how to SaveAs a file with a new name in the same directory where the main file
  67. [SOLVED:] Service Géoplateforme d'images WMS-Raster
  68. [SOLVED:] Search 2 Columns For A Value and Retrieve Values Needed
  69. VBA Macro - invoice - add data to the record fail
  70. how to exchange Multidimesional Arrays' datas?
  71. [SOLVED:] Excel Track changes in Excel vba code
  72. Extracting Multiple data points from single Pivot Table
  73. [SOLVED:] Advanced Filter for Dates
  74. MSG Box
  75. Help! VBA codiing is not my expertise...
  76. Help editing a current piece of VBA
  77. [SOLVED:] How to quickly filter out blank cells in multiple rows & columns?
  78. VBA - matching and adding value with conditions - please help
  79. Copying chart from Excel to PowerPoint
  80. macros
  81. [SOLVED:] Addition to VBA code
  82. [SOLVED:] problem change Office365 for creating a calendar in Outlook.
  83. VBA code to create OUTLOOK email
  84. Excel VBA Macros
  85. [SOLVED:] Edit with VBA on Startup: File > Options > Customize Ribbon
  86. [SOLVED:] Open an Excel on OneDrive
  87. [SOLVED:] Calculation of all combinations by taking a min Max quantity from multiple data set
  88. [SOLVED:] VBA Arrays with References to Multiple Sheets
  89. [SLEEPER:] Physical Counting
  90. VBA - character counting analysis
  91. [SOLVED:] Copying (downloading) a file knowing its URL (With VBA).
  92. [SOLVED:] Solutions for Text Boxes in Excel
  93. Name Manager for Excel on-line, now available!
  94. VBA code to move data from Pivot Table to unhidden columns on a different sheet?
  95. Better to create PDF file from Excel or from Word?
  96. [SOLVED:] Disable Save Notification Upon Closing Excel
  97. VBA script to monitor folder and change file to csv
  98. [SOLVED:] VBA script to open files based on criterias
  99. Adding an asterisk
  100. [SOLVED:] "Translation" help for a bit of code (where year is identified)
  101. S: Select all slicers on a sheet and arrange them vertically IN ALPHA ORDER by NAME?
  102. Is there a way to speed up my code which copy a heavily formula infested worksheet
  103. [SOLVED:] Restructuring data from html output to excel worksheet with vba
  104. [SOLVED:] Macros run in spreadsheet but produce errors when run in vba editor
  105. [SLEEPER:] Goalseek loop
  106. [SOLVED:] Power Query Custom Column Formula
  107. [SOLVED:] Prevent Macro From Activating Upon Selecting Cells For Printing
  108. Message Boxes, Routines and how prevent Message boxes until an event happens
  109. [SOLVED:] Close a UserForm Via Code Only
  110. [SOLVED:] Take Focus Away From UserForm After Initializing It
  111. [SOLVED:] Copy/Paste/Count String Data from LookUp List with VBA
  112. [SOLVED:] Special combinations
  113. [SOLVED:] Using a VBA code to change another VBA code
  114. Excel 2007 Macro to convert more pdf files to 1 single pdf file
  115. [SOLVED:] Iterating through a range of cells with a message at the end
  116. [SOLVED:] Error 50290 on Selection Macro
  117. How to combine many ranges into one big table with vba? (and remove all of the headin
  118. Excel 2007 and Acrobat Reader VBA code to combine multiple PDF files into one PDF
  119. [SOLVED:] List of Categories/Units given in a table of data
  120. [SOLVED:] Capturing Sort order..
  121. Sleeper: Writing File Address to Save File Directly to a Shared Folder
  122. Excel Not Enough memory error into a export to pdf
  123. VBA Code Help Bounty 1/5 Star Difficulty
  124. Selecting a cell in a given Range Not working
  125. getdetailsof - method or data member not found
  126. Macro that converts 1000pdf files from folder to jpgs
  127. How to share an Excel file with VBA code online?
  128. Excel 365 Crashing on a 64 bit system
  129. spilt date and time to new columns
  130. [SOLVED:] Rename Excel files in folder with VBA
  131. Excel VBA Repeating and Merging Data Into Some Columns
  132. Excel VBA, copy 8 columns of data, paste "stacked" into 4 colums
  133. How to Delete Rows Based on Given text
  134. userform - help needed
  135. Excel - find a specified value in word document table and move it
  136. [SOLVED:] Need help on VBA
  137. Need Help with Excel Macro
  138. Excel VBA Find macro fails to find a string even when the string is present in sheet!
  139. [SOLVED:] vba get html table value into excel sheet
  140. [SOLVED:] Converting numbers to text by macro
  141. [SOLVED:] Chart data for a selected range
  142. [SOLVED:] How to list dates defined by a data validation process
  143. Let and Lambda
  144. Issue saving Excel Worksheet to .pdf
  145. [SOLVED:] Excel Image Viewer and Rename its File Name
  146. [SOLVED:] Update cell value for all files in a folder
  147. [SOLVED:] Offset value as ".Text" use
  148. [SOLVED:] Renaming File Name
  149. Plausibility check via VBA
  150. [SOLVED:] Multiple chart combined into one
  151. Turn Excel Object Broswer into a 4-column long list, in Excel
  152. [SOLVED:] VBA Date Filtering Issue
  153. Extract and Copy Data from an Array to a Cell with Criteria
  154. [SOLVED:] JsonConverter question
  155. [SOLVED:] save vba process data time
  156. VBA Code Needed
  157. Is there a limit to how many terms you can stick in a Case Selection?
  158. [SOLVED:] Case Select vs. Switch
  159. [SOLVED:] Debug this code.
  160. Open DXF file from a button on the toolbar or userform is not working, Need help?
  161. [SOLVED:] Selecting Cells Advanced
  162. [SOLVED:] How to close all .csv or .xlsx type file
  163. [SOLVED:] When should code be broken down into proceedures
  164. Create screenshot with macro
  165. Experts Help
  166. [SOLVED:] Download Multiple tables following URLs list in an Excel's worksheet Through VBA
  167. Question How to put slash with word and ascending numbers in excel with VBA
  168. [SOLVED:] Creating a logging column and fill out missing values
  169. Excel VBA Open Word Doc and Save as New Word Doc
  170. [SOLVED:] Count the number if times a unique number appears in a list
  171. [SOLVED:] Multi choice data source select for a chart
  172. [SOLVED:] How to distinguish data from html
  173. [SOLVED:] Opening and extracting data from another workbook
  174. [SOLVED:] I would like to calculate equilibrium price and quantity using VBA but I can't. Help!
  175. Standard deviation of a subset in VBA
  176. [SOLVED:] Converting Column To Specific Date Format
  177. Simulating Futures trade outcome with 0-100% liquidity buffer (HELP!)
  178. VBA code help
  179. [SOLVED:] A more simple or efficient way of entering header row text & formatting ?
  180. [SOLVED:] Is it possible to chart hidden figures (data)
  181. Simulating a function 1000 times for a given integer (easy)
  182. [SOLVED:] Runtime error: 13 mismatch in complicated VBA array
  183. [SOLVED:] Defining Variables
  184. [SOLVED:] Sending Charts to Power Point.
  185. Searching for special characters
  186. [SOLVED:] Assignment Vs Condition
  187. Power Query: Which technique will get me the same results as XLOOKUP?
  188. To declare or not to declare
  189. Average value
  190. [SOLVED:] conditional formatting to be macro on specific rows and colums
  191. VBA - Way to recreate chart from excel in powerpoint (not paste or embed)
  192. Fix for BOM issue in first cell of imported txt file in Excel 2019?
  193. Happy Birthday VBAX
  194. How to search based on text in website to get element info?
  195. VBScript deprecated
  196. [SOLVED:] Finding data
  197. I see there's a new function in Excel
  198. [SOLVED:] Split specific hours at the start of the week
  199. [SOLVED:] Sum (column) value across multiple column criteri
  200. [SOLVED:] Match and then Copy/Paste based on dates
  201. reports the distance between values with respect to a given value
  202. format help
  203. [SOLVED:] Automatically rename a template sheet with today's date.
  204. [SOLVED:] Count matching criterias only if duplicate values are found formula ?
  205. [SOLVED:] Automatically filter a report with date and time, with other criteria
  206. function that will set a specified cell to a specified value.
  207. [SOLVED:] Multiple Date matches
  208. [SOLVED:] Button to copy cells from A4 to A13 to the clipboard
  209. Unrelated User Entry Pause
  210. [SOLVED:] Problem with VBA in Excel - following code giving me an error
  211. multiple e-mail links over 255 characters.
  212. [SOLVED:] New to VBA and require assistance modifying code.
  213. [SOLVED:] vba - select and copy multiple rows in different columns
  214. Help
  215. [SOLVED:] Remove duplicates macro for a table ?
  216. VBA - Copy & insert the currently selected row of data multiple times
  217. Extract Members of an Outlook Dynamic Distribution List to excel worksheet
  218. Have this code/query select what ever the current table is as a range & process?
  219. Conditional formatting by specific rule through many rows.
  220. Send multiple columns and rows by e-mail vba
  221. Sort running sum in descending order using excel formula