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Thread: Shared MailBox automation

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    Exclamation Shared MailBox automation

    We have one requirement !!!

    We have coded an outlook VBA which checks the incoming mails and if it matches with particular sendername & subject name, we process the mail and generating a word document automatically.
    In our outlook we have two mailboxes one is Personal mailbox and another one is shared mailbox. We are able to use Application_NewMail in "ThisOutlookSession" to fire the VBA whenever mail comes to "Personal Mailbox" .
    This code not fired when new mail comes into "Shared Mailbox" .

    Is it possible to fire the VBA code whenever a mail comes into Shared MailBox?
    Can anyone help ?

    Thanks in Advance...

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    Shared MailBox


    Anybody have any idea about this shared mailbox automation?

    Thanks ,

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