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Thread: UserForm help, assigning variable from option button selection

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    UserForm help, assigning variable from option button selection

    I'm trying to utilize UserForm option buttons to get info from user. I want to assign the option button selection to a variable that can be used in both the Filename and in a cell in the Excel File as part of a string of text not exclusive to the variable.

    See example UserForm code below. I want Month to be my variable. Assigned to my variable will be whatever the user selected.

    I get "Compile error: Argument not optional"

    If optionJanuary Then Month = "January" 
    If optionFebruary Then Month = "February" 
    If optionMarch Then Month = "March" 
    If optionApril Then Month = "April" 
    If optionMay Then Month = "May" 
    If optionJune Then Month = "June" 
    If optionJuly Then Month = "July" 
    If optionAugust Then Month = "August" 
    If optionSeptember Then Month = "September" 
    If optionOctober Then Month = "October" 
    If optionNovember Then Month = "November" 
    If optionDecember Then Month = "December" 
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    Please help.

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    Don't you want to be using "ElseIf"?

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    Do you have an endif? It looks like you're supplying the only required argument for if's except the end...

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    and is month dim'd as string/

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    Do you need option buttons?

    you could switch to a listbox or a combobox and get away easier.

    Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() 
        Dim i As Integer 
        With Me.ComboBox1 
            For i = 1 To 12 
                .AddItem MonthName(i) 
            Next i 
        End With 
    End Sub 
    Private Sub ComboBox1_Change() 
        MsgBox ComboBox1.Value 
    End Sub 
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