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Thread: Solved: Run-time error '53': File Not Found

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    Solved: Run-time error '53': File Not Found

    I have a workbook that opens txt files in worksheets, one file per sheet.
    i use Logfiles = ThisWorkbook.Path so that where it searches within the directory the workbook is located. Works fine when I open excel and navigate to the directory where the workbook exist. When I click directly on the file and I run the macro I get a "Run-time error '53': File Not Found"

    Sub Log_Cleaner() 
        Dim numfiles As String 
        FileLoc = ThisWorkbook.Path 
        FileCountA (FileLoc) 
    End Sub 
    Function FileCountA(Path As String) As Long 
        Dim strTemp As String 
        Dim lngCount As Long 
        Dim C3Po As String 
        C3Po = Range("C3").Value 
        If C3Po = "" Then 
            C3Po = "*.*" 
        End If 
        strTemp = Dir(Path & "\" & C3Po) 
        If strTemp = "" Then 
            MsgBox "No files found that fit Search criteria", , "CM MESSAGE" 
            Exit Function 
        End If 
        ImportTextFile strTemp, "!@#", 0 
        Do While strTemp <> "" 
            lngCount = lngCount + 1 
            strTemp = Dir 
            If strTemp = "" Then 
                Exit Function 
            End If 
            ImportTextFile strTemp, "!@#", lngCount 
    End Function 
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    Hi and welcome to VBAX

    I guess the root of the problem is that Dir function returns only the filename, not a full path. So you probably need to change
    ImportTextFile strTemp, "!@#", 0 
    ImportTextFile strTemp, "!@#", lngCount 
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    ImportTextFile Path & "\" & strTemp, "!@#", 0 
    ImportTextFile Path & "\" & strTemp, "!@#", lngCount 
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    PS1: I say 'probably' because I don't see the code of Sub ImportTextFile, or the declaration of FileLoc.
    PS2: C3Po is a funny name for a variable
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    Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the solution, great catch! C3Po was to remind the cell i was using to stuff the variable, C3 why not Po... Thanks again!

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