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Thread: Solved: auto open password protected excel file

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    Solved: auto open password protected excel file

    i need to auto-open my password protected excel file in my computer through vba.

    i will save my excel file with default password.

    vba macro should open this my file automatically with default password (which can be included in vba).

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    VBAX Contributor Glaswegian's Avatar
    Sep 2004
    Glasgow, Scotland

    You've not given a great deal of info on exactly what you mean but perhaps something like this will give you a start.
    Sub OpenBookTest()
    Dim myFile As String
    Dim myPath As String
    myPath = "C:\My Documents"
    myFile = "My Workbook.xls"
    Workbooks.Open myPath & "\" & myFile, password:="password"
    End Sub
    Is this what you mean?

    Iain - XL2010 on Windows 7

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    glaswegian, thanku for ur reply,

    I hv solved my solution like this...

    I hv created two toolbar icon namely "Lock file" and "Unlock file"...


    Sub LockFile()
    ActiveWorkbook.Password = "123"
    ActiveWorkbook.WritePassword = "123"
    End Sub

    Sub UnlockFile()
    ActiveWorkbook.Password = ""
    ActiveWorkbook.WritePassword = ""
    End Sub


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    If you want to open a worksheet
    this is the way :

    Worksheets(i).Unprotect Password:="456"

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