I urgently need your help as I need to import some data from DB2 in Excel through an ADODB connection from VBA.
Due to the fact that the information isn't located in a single table, we have to join various tables and the script became somehow time and resource consuming.

In the end we receive the following error at the runtime of our VBA script:


I know that this means that the script requires more resources to run that is allowed by the table configuration but we have to figure it out another way to import our data as the changing of the table parameters is not an option.
I also mention that the script is mainly running in IBM QMF interface but it will not import in Excel through VBA.

There is any other method to run a SQL script to bring data in Excel? Or there is a better integration with IBM QMF?

If you need further information please tell me and I will provide.

Thank you in advance,
Adrian B.