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Thread: Pulling data from word control drop boxes into specific excel sheets

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    Pulling data from word control drop boxes into specific excel sheets

    Hi all,

    I hoping you can help me ... I'm a primary school teacher who wants to automate my planning as much as possible.

    I've found out how to do drop box selections and filled them with all the standards I need in each area, e.g. oracy, reading, writing etc. I've even found code on here (Post#4 of showthread.php?40406-Extracting-Word-form-Data-and-exporting-to-Excel-spreadsheet, to pull all of the choices made into excel and got it to work. However, they all come over in a big stream from column AA to ES so it doesn't do exactly what I need.

    What I'm attempting at the moment is each week of planning is saved in the file then I go into excel and run the code that pulls over the drop box selections and puts them in separate sheets for each standard type e.g. all the 'Oracy' choices together on one sheet, all the 'DCF' choices together on another sheet. In my planning document I choose from the drop boxes each day and in the Excel 'log' I'd need the date we covered it.

    However, the dream scenario would be the other way around where by I have the list of statements for each aspect (oracy, reading, writing etc) on different sheets in excel or word and at a click it cross references with the daily dates pulling these from the control boxes (e.g. 'MonDate' etc) and creating the log. In my head Column A would have the Date (e.g. 'MonDate' Control box, 'TuesDate' Control Box etc) and Column B would have the selected text, this would be the same for each sheet. This would be super! as it would be easier to read.

    The overall idea being that at the end of the year when I need to justify that pupil A has achieved standard "R.Oracy.5" I can go to the log and filter/search for "R.Oracy.5" and see a list of dates when we covered that standard and I can look in their books and easily find the evidence.

    To be honest the more I think about this and struggle trying different things the more of a muddle I'd getting myself into - I have no coding background but know that there must be a way to do this.

    Please find attached the planning document so you can see the controls I need to combine/log and pull over

    Please, please any help you can give me would be hugely appreciated.
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