Hi all - I'm completely new to using VBA and macros and I amwondering if it can be used to improve a data entry process that is currentlydone manually.
Basically, the process is roughly as follows:
· Workbook1
o Several Worksheets (A, B, C etc.)
o Each Worksheet has data for individual companiesin a standard format
Reference Company Value

· Workbook2
o Several Worksheets with the same namingconvention relating to the same companies as in Workbook1
o Each Worksheet has blank cells into which datafrom the corresponding Worksheet in Workbook1 must be entered

· For each ‘company’, what is effectively beingdone under a manual process is a VLOOKUP for the value in each Worksheet in Workbook1so that the values are displayed in each Worksheet in Workbook2.
My question is, could a VBA macro automate this process toupdate each Worksheet in Workbook2 by referring to the corresponding sheet inWorkbook1 which has the same name? I hope it can, but can't seem to find anyonline materials which describe how to program this specifically.
Any help is much appreciated!