Acroynm Finder - easily find the meaning of acroynms in long documents.
Utility to print publish PDF to alternative locations with Option to reuse/edit previous names
Update All Document Fields
Insert and Use Mapped Content Controls
Show Now Playing Winamp title in application caption
Listing a file directory tree in MS Word
SaveCopyAs Workaround for Word
Add extract of files in a folder with hyperlink to same
Split file into multiple documents using chosen delimiter and filename
Collapse Word's window upwards, then exit.
Find out what cells in a table are selected
Print only pages with revisions
Word: Toggle the visibility of a table based on a checkbox value
Remove all Hyperlinks
Split document into multiple single-paged documents
Replace text in all formfields
Update fields in header and footers
Create list of running tasks
Spell check only form fields on a protected document
Print Macro to switch printers
Color Certain Words for Spell Checking
Export Word Tables to CSV file and import to Access
Assisted spell check for visually impaired
Automatically Save a Copy of a Document to the A: Drive
Search and Report All Occurrences of a Word or Phrase
Separate a Document by Headings
SpellCheck Before Print
Stretch Text to Fit - Height or Width
Process All Documents in a Specified Directory Folder Including Subfolders
Return to Last Location
Adding Paste Special to the Right-Click Menu
Move Pages by Selecting One Page at a Time
Add Quotation Marks To Selected Text
Create A Copy Of The Active Document
Read Full Content Of Text File (Fast)
Mark all empty cells in table
List all AutoCorrect entries in new document
Insert Picture from Picture dialog
List all Autotext entries from
List document properties in table
Open Document In Print Preview
Animated Word Art
List all available Font names with example text in table.
Disable "add row" feature in table where "Tab-key" in the last cell adds a new row.
Play sound file with VBA
Replace paragraph marks with SpaceAfterParagraph settings
EMail active document using MAPI
Automate saving the new document produced during a mail merge
Paste block of cells into an existing table
Create simple mailmerge
Selecting from multiple printer options
Insert All Documents From a Specified Folder
Save Each Mail Merge Document Separately
Remove Header Images Before Print
Get Line and Paragraph Number
Create a Timer in Word
Dropdown Form Field 25 limit list workaround
Autosave document at selected intervals or run other code at intervals
Get filesize of document in kilobytes
Add dummy text to your document
Delete Textbox if it contains a pre-defined word
Eliminate Multiple Spaces
Check if file is opened by another process
Fill first page footer
Create a Directory File Listing
Extract sentences containing a specific word to excel file
Get contacts data via DAO to document
Display email item with content of document or attach it.
Apply Formatting to Quoted Strings in a Document
Google search on selection from current document
Open Document in Full-Screen Mode
Userform Examples for Fill In and Print
Extract Comment Text and Place as Footnotes
List Form Field Names in Separate Document
List Bookmarks in a Document
Create and Print an Envelope
Tag All Instances of a Selection
Check Fonts Used in a File
Email a Document Using Outlook
Create Toggle Button for a Command Bar
Convert Table To Text And Convert Text To Table
Clear Most Recent Used File List
Convert Shape to InlineShape and vice verca
Close all open Word documents and quit Word
Clear the contents of the clipboard
Conditional Dropdown Form Fields
Step through bookmarks in a document
Insert/Remove Watermark
A full featured Bookmarks utility
Extracting AutoText entries without manually clicking the options
Create floating toolbar listing all document bookmarks
Autonumber a Document
Add Keybinding to document to launch Macro
Check for Bookmark Name With Custom Right-Click Menu
Starting Word with template of your choice
Default Page Setup Setter
Print Current Page
Automating Mail Merge
Pasting as Unformatted Text
Print All Open Documents
Insert Text into Bookmarks
Remove All VBA from Document
Update All Fields
Remove Personal Information From File
Default Open View
Process All Documents in a Specified Directory Folder
Save Document with Date on Close
Change Header in a Batch of Files
Footer with Path and File name, Date and Time
Custom Menus and Toolbars