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Zack Barresse presents MS Excel Tables

Microsoft Excel Tables Webinar

Part Two

Zack Barresse, Microsoft Excel MVP  

Coming on August 15th, 2014, 2pm-3pm EST

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Excel Tables Webinar - Part Two:
Excel VBA with Tables Webinar Join us for an hour-long webinar covering how to work with tables in VBA. We will show you best practices for working with table ranges, how to apply calculated columns, returning data from queries and external sources, and pitfalls to avoid. Some of the topics covered will be:
  • Working with table objects
  • Why the macro recorder fails with tables
  • Parts of a table
  • Table structure properties
  • Creating and naming a table
  • Adding multiple rows or columns
  • Looping through rows and columns
  • Custom table procedures
Learn to work with tables like a pro, and bend them to your will with the power of VBA.

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Download File2013 Version of Sample MS Excel Workbook with VBA