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Zack Barresse presents MS Excel Tables

Microsoft Excel Tables Webinar

Part One

Zack Barresse, Microsoft Excel MVP  

Coming on August 8th, 2014, 2pm-3pm EST

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Excel Tables Webinar - Part One:
Join us for an hour-long webinar covering the benefits and pitfalls of tables. In this webinar we will show you the basic fundamentals of tables, why you should use them, the added benefits they give, and some of the most common pitfalls when using them. Some of the topics covered will be:
  • Various ways to create a table
  • Applying and modifying table styles
  • Demystifying table formulas
  • Common workarounds with structured referencing
  • Easily filter and sort your data
  • Things to avoid when using tables
Make tables work for you, and reap the benefits of working with good data and making them look extraordinarily professional with the click of a button.

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Details on the most recent book written by Zack Barresse:
Creating tables in Excel allows for easier formatting and reporting, but the new syntax that it implies can be intimidating to the uninitiated. In this guide, one of the developers of the official Microsoft Excel 2013 templates—all of which employ tables—helps introduce readers to the multiple benefits of tables. The book begins by explaining what tables are, how to create them, and how they can be used in reporting before moving on to slightly more advanced topics, including slicers and filtering, working with VBA macros, and using tables in the Excel web app. Novice Excel users and experts alike will find relevant, useful, and authoritative information in this one-of-a-kind resource.


Zack Barresse's new book MS Excel Tables


Download File2010 Version of Sample MS Excel Workbook

Download File2013 Version of Sample MS Excel Workbook