Bring Specific Window To Top by specifying it Window-Name
Download daily wallpapers images directly from
Create a GUID (Globally Unique Identifier)
Using Microsoft's Speech Object Library to Perform Text To Speech
C# Style StringBuilder for VBA
Function to return whole years, months, and days between two dates
UDF wrappers for RegExp Find and Replace methods
Function to Remove either All Numeric or All Non-Numeric Characters from a String
Browse the folder of your active document or workbook
Save Internet File using XMLHTTP Object
Set multiple variables to Nothing
Get the File Name or the Path
File saving with embedded version or date
Find Available Times between Appointments for Multiple Users
Store in an array the number of occurences (and positions of) strings within strings
Determine if a file exists using the File System Object (FS0)
Determine if a folder exists using the File System Object (FSO)
Check if Excel workbook is open
Remove (undesired) repeated characters from target string
Count words and characters in a selection
Show Userform by its name
Set User Form Position to (Top Left, Top Right, Lower Left, or Lower Right) of the Application
Programatically call Internet Explorer and link to web-site
Create a dir and save file into it then create two sub dirs
Send a file to the Recycle bin
Save Settings to the Registry
Copy Charts and Ranges from Excel to Word
Add The Correct Suffix To Make Any Number Ordinal
PC Speaker Beep
Convert Powerpoint to Word document
Send mailmerged documents individually via Outlook
Function to Find the date of the 'Nth' Weekday of a Given Month
Test if ?X? is between two values, X1 and X2
ISO Week Number
string array search function
Change number into complete words, including currency names
Radian to degree and degree to radian conversion functions
Alternate MsgBox function with improved text display
Open Any File (Non Office Files as Well)
File System Object Move a File to another location
ProperCase with custom delimiters
Sorting an array with multiple dimensions (matrix)
Create a string containing array values
Parse individual words in a text string
Push Excel Named Range Values to Bookmarks in Word
Check, if a RAS/Internet connection exists
Populate a UserForm Listbox in Word From Data in an Excel File
Paste Data From Excel To Word
Start web page that requires password (Log onto gmail)
Browse For Folder (using FileDialog method)
Convert Column/Feild Names to Cell References for Populating reports
Progress bar using IE
Test if ?X? is in array ?A?
Get the File Name or the Path
Converting between degrees in decimal format and degrees in Deg/Min/Sec format
Get String between quotation marks
Remove All Hyperlinks From Selection
Hide the Windows Taskbar
Convert Local Date/Time to GMT (Supports Daylight Saving Time/Summer Time)
Show Windows Character Map
Create an instance of Word
Convert array to delimited string
Functions to return a loan amortization schedule in an array
Functions for the Sum, Minimum, and Maximum of ANSI Characters Values in a String
Tests for illegal characters in file name, directory name, xlsheet name, etc
Functions for converting periodic values to their equivalents in their base period.
Remove the Ask A Question Dropdown
Add trailing path separator (slash or colon) as necessary to folder path
Return BuiltInDocumentProperties for use in code
Clear Windows Clipboard
Sorting Arrays
Determine the current local path for an application
Convert Long to Byte Array without API Call
Resolve System Environment Variables in FilePath
Command Line from VBA (DOS Prompt Commands)
Function that replaces special characters with "regular" Roman characters
Automating Outlook to Send an Email with an Attachment
Check if directory or file exists (using VBA, not FSO)
Userforms: Passing Variables
Export Excel range or Excel chart to PowerPoint (linked or unlinked)
Loop through all/selected files in a folder and its subfolders
Check Server Time
OK or Cancel InputBox