Return IP Address into cell A1
Customise a MsgBox - Use a UserForm!
Convert Onedrive URL to local file path
VAT checker for EU countries
Userform interface providing 5 successive filters (expandible)
Create an array of sub-strings from a string
Utility to print publish PDF to alternative locations with Option to reuse/edit previous names.
Match rows with multiple criteria
VBA loop through columns with relative referencing
Pivot Table Corrupting Workbooks
Copy formula from Excel to Clipboard in VBA compatible format!
Rename TIFF file by embedded TIFF tag
Use of CONCATRELATED function on SQL statements
Multiple Goal Seek code Excel - brettdj
Speed Up Vlookup
VLookup Array Formula Extension
Hight Light User Form's control while mouse move on it
Adding an item to a dynamic Array of strings
Manipulate PDF File with DDE Connection in VBA
Find and Expand Grand Total in PivotTable
An example of how to use modeless userforms
Group All Command Buttons on a Userform
Get inverse of range returned by Intersect
Find the pattern of string
Excel Conditional Formats
Create a Table of Contents
Reduce Excel File Size
Link Shortener
Add a New menu on Mouse right for workbook Navigation
Handling dialog boxes in IE automation
BUGFIX: List all formulas in a workbook on a separate worksheet
Pick Calendar control form
Copying & Inserting Rows
Compare Spreadsheets to Find Updated Values (i.e. Find a Needle in a Haystack)
Various chart
Create a timer to run a macro
Make Date Column Independent of System Date Format
Check if file exists
Folder Creation
Function to Produce a Valid Worksheet Name from a String
Remove Duplicates
Create Multiple Folders in one go!
Find temporary folder
Extract Data from Access to Excel
get the data from PDF file into Excel sheet(s) or text file(s)
Convert or Trim Data Quickly
Closing an inactive workbook
Validating an email
Reduce Excel file size
Random Number Generators
Week Number Of The Month
how to display on listbox unique data
Screen capture (print screen) to new workbook
Track Changes - Text and Formulas with user name and time stamp
Create Dynamic Ranges
Accurate timeing of VBA code (by kind permission of Charles Williams)
Create an "Easy" button
Reverse display of items in a listbox
Find links in the ActivWorkbook (formulas, range names, charts and PivotTables)
Pgdn Pgup from current to last sheet and back
The Closest Date Match Finder
Get File Names from folder
Generate a unique sequential filename.
Add pictures that float like comments.
Incremental number for saved files
AutoFit All Columns All Sheets at Once
VLOOKUP for Duplicates - called VLOOKUPnth and HLOOKUPnth
VBA Code Library, Attachment includes 75 code examples
Floating listbox to navigate and handle visible Sheets
Search for a string in all Worksheets. Navigate back and forth. Highlight cells.
Multiline TextBox: Restrict accidental exit while DownArrow/UpArrow through the text
Two Validation List with automatic updating of first data of second validation list
Difference Between Ranges
Use a spinbutton to change items in listbox and update sheet that populates listbox
Userform with doubleclick filled with values
Execute different line of code with second click of command button
Autofiltering with date
Simple Floating Toolbar
Email Workbook with Message (Uses xlDialogSendMail & Outlook Express)
Listbox filled with matching names in sheet two from partial searchstring in sheet1
Fill listbox with redimensionable array
Calculate High-Precision Square Root using Decimal Data Type
Converting hr:min to Decimal Hours on the Fly
Tornado Charts
Add date or time to a cell when a row (or column) is updated
Extract and Transfer Paragraphs
Wildcard search for the wildcard characters * and ?
Photo Handler
Alphabetized Table of Contents with Toolbar Buttons
Consolidate data layout for printing
Search Knowledge base and return hyperlinks to items
Terminate a running process.
Create a custom "Worksheet Find" toolbar
Create menu for use in international environment distributed as xla
List contents of the 'Windows Updates' history.
Search directory and sub folders for Excel files
Using custom format to display text
Create customised random test data
Win/Mac Scalable Calendar Control
Sample Data Maker
Multi Filtered search and create
Search all worksheets for word/phrase and list results with hyperlink to cell.
Test a range for any kind of data
Function to return random sample, with or without replacement
Creating a fixed width textfile from a worksheet
Run a Powerpoint Show From Excel
Test For Selected Cells Count
Faster Page Setup
Format cell text under VBA control
standardized Excel headers and footers
3 ways to put a cell value in a page header
Show The Windows Search Results Dialog
Highlight Row / Column of Filled Cells
Sequence Counter
Update Project Workbooks Using Custom Document Properties
Solver Add-in Installation/Reference Through VBA
Store Values in Custom Document Properties
Store Values in a Defined Name
Replace Defined Names In Formulas With Actual Cell References
Select Program to Open a File
Redefine All Range Names
Excel sheet sorting
Create a Delay
Eliminate excess spaces from selection
Zoom in on sheet when a specific range is selected
Restrict User To 1 Sheet
Read Text File into ListBox
Updated StatusBar Message From Online Workbook
Status Bar Messages
User must fill in certain cells before they can close the workbook
Remove Carriage / Paragraph Returns from Within Cells
Ultra Fast Large Scale Replace
Code for a self-destructing Workbook
Write User Name Stamp on Sheet on Save.
Return to the user's active cell/selection after code execution finishes
Selectively permit access to spreadsheet through choice of password.
Run Once Then Delete Code
Used Region Function
Create various borders for a range
A Better Sheet Management Function
Sorting a range of coloured cells
Set minimum column width for Autofit columns
Shades rows and/or columns in a worksheet for improved visibility
Delete all charts in a sheet or workbook
Split text between cells in a column as you go.
Set a Trial Period For Use of Your Project
Unprotect all colored cells only
Save All Worksheets As Individual Workbooks In a Special Folder
Use a Command Button as Toggle Button
Save Copy of Workbook Minus Some Sheets
Test for existence of a WorkSheet
List all formulas in a workbook on a separate worksheet
Sums All Numeric Values in a Selection
Frequency Count of Selection
Get sheet index number from cell reference (Function)
Get Sheet Name from Sheet Index
Tidy up your workbook at any time and when you save it
Adjust range to exclude irrelevant cells
Set tab order for a worksheet during data entry
Sort and Subtotal
Save Specific Sheets to a new Workbook
Working with Union and Intersect
Simplify data entry to restricted columns or rows.
Remove all cell formating and styles, and restore default font
Search workbook by regions (Quick-search)
Remove all cell formatting - Retaining fonts
Restore default Microsoft size of Workbook.
Close the workbook with or without saving
Set your workbook to adjust to users screen resolution.
Check for compatibility of Office versions on opening a workbook
Select specific range on any worksheet that is activated
Select specific range when specific worksheet is activated
Open and search all books in a folder
Open web page & search page for keyword(s) from Excel
Determine the File Path or GUID to a VBA Reference Library
Remove Missing VBA Library References via code
Remove All Comments from a VBA Project
Customizing AutoSave Programmatically
Rate - User Defined function
Create a StopWatch in Excel
Check if Worksheet is protected
Create a temporary UserForm to show the user's Colour Palette
Show Sheet Name
Set Tab Order of Cells
Show a List of Files to Open
Clean Up Odd Row Data
Example of UserForm Controls
Notify That the Spell Checker Was Used
Fade Transparency Gradually - Splash Screen - on a Userform
Disallow Movement of a Userform
Schedule a Macro to Run After a Specified Period of Time
Save File Based on Value in Cell
Find and Replace Through All Worksheets
Highlight Current Row and Column
Transpose Data Without Paste Special; Create Link to Original Data
Display Only Unique Items on a Userform Listbox
Attaching Macro to Emailed Workbook
Dynamic Data Validation
Running Totals and SubTotals of Offset Columns
Create Random Strings
Remove Apostrophes
Check Cell for Comment
Cell Select / Unselect
Generating Random Numbers
Querying workbook with SQL
Use the Status Bar as a Progress Indicator
True Used Range in Excel
Speed Up Excel Startup
Sort Worksheets Alphabetically
Using Regular Expressions (RegExp) in Excel
Capture Window Handles, Class Names and Titles
Calculating the Dates of Holidays
Delete Bottom or Last Row(s) From All Sheets
Save Filename as Cell Value with Current Date
Select Cells Based on Specific Values
Animation on a Userform
Display Changed Cells in Red Font
Self-Restoring Application Interface Lock
Always Paste Special
Setup & Print All Sheets In A Workbook
Replace Function for VB5 (Office 97)
Coloring listviewitems based on a condition
Mutually Exclusive Cells (Toggling Cells)
One Line Find
Modify UserForm Appearances under Run-Time Conditions
Mac: Import / Export VBE Components
Working with the last data values in Rows or Columns
Save Cells Previous Value in a Comment
Create different Email Messages based on Contents of a cell
Insert a hyperlink to a Word Bookmark
ListBox Control - Determine the Order in Which Selections are Made
Last Dynamic Filled Row
Open All Workbooks In a Folder
Parse a Range Address Into Its Column and Row Components
Check if Named Range exists
Remove or Reduce Internal Blanks In A String
Remove the Old File
Return Named Range Name from Refers To Value
Prevent Sheets Being Added
Prevent Row / Column Removal
Clear Recent Documents List
Print all embedded charts
Determine if a formula is a UDF
Click Name in Listbox to Select Data in Sheet
Pre-determined text entered in cell when number is entered.
Change page setup (and printers) with userform interface
Maximize Excel When Workbook is Opened
Test procedure run time
Go To Previous Worksheet / Go To Next Worksheet